As a professional writer, I rock any task that involves words.  Newsletters? Check.  Proposals? Absolutely.  Script Synopses?  No doubt.  From filling a blank page to filling in the blanks, words are what I do.  For you.

Copy—a marketing brochure, product descriptions, your bio—speaks for your business.  These are the words that explain who you are, what you do and why you do it.  Copy is the language of your business.  And I will become fluent in it.

I am amazing at taking your jumbled words and thoughts, and crystallizing them into clear, compelling language.

My approach to writing your copy is to work with you to capture what’s brilliant about your business or project, and say it in a way that lights you up, and the world, too.  Simply put, I string words together that get people to say yes.  Yes to your product or service. Yes to your cause. Yes to you.

So bring me your passion and we’ll make beautiful words together.  I promise.

So you’ve written a wonderful piece of somethin’ somethin’, and now you need a second pair of eyes on it?  Two reasons you should send it on over, pronto:

  1. I live to edit.
  2. I actually wear glasses, so you’ll get two sets of eyes on your work for the price of one.

When editing anything you’ve written, I’ll start with the basics—spelling, grammar, punctuation and all that academic jazz.  But because I love to see you shine, I am going to dig a bit deeper, reviewing your piece for word usage, sentence structure and just overall flow.  If you’re working on an article or blog post, I may even throw in my two cents on a catchy headline or two just to be sure your piece pops.  I don’t stop polishing until your brilliance bounces off the page.

The end result is 300 (or maybe 90,000) of your best words (with a little sparkle from me) delivered right back to your inbox.  You’ve got to see it to believe it.