Stefanie Manns

Stefanie Manns – Writer

I.AM.STEF (with an F) ANIE.

Writer+ Editor+ Word Illuminator.  Yup, that’s me.

Anyone who’s known me since I was a wee chica will tell you that my world twirls on an axis of reading and writing.  I’ve been doing both for as long as I can remember, and copywriting before I even knew what it was.  A proposal and marketing brochure for a Kool-Aid stand? Yes, I was that kid.

Since I was a whiz with words at such an early age, I’ve always had some inkling that writing would be connected to my ultimate destiny.  But was that exactly?

Attorney? Nah.  Author? Hmm, we’re getting warmer.  The vessel through which others’ stories would flow? Bingo.

So I studied, and practiced and studied some more.  In the process, I’ve penned words for several large corporations, small businesses and nonprofits.  Today, my fingers fly across my keyboard all day and sometimes well into the night. And I couldn’t be happier.

My clients affirm for me that I am an expert at interpreting their voices and maintaining the integrity of their vision with my writing.  When I return copy to them, they are elated and relieved that somebody finally got it, and more importantly, got them. My writing was even called sexy by one client, which I got a huge kick out of. That says to me that my professional tone and flair for the creative can exist in the same world.  For me, that’s the sweet spot when it comes to copywriting.

Like musicians have an ear for music, I have an ear for words.  When I’m writing something, I know it’s right when it sounds good.  And now that I am older and I’ve fully embraced my role as a Word Goddess, I know it has to feel good too.

It’s that feel good that I bring to every project that I touch.  I don’t just write for the sake of doing it, or for the money.  In fact, I can’t.  I have to believe in something, connect to it in some way.  Feel it in my soul.

So that’s why I only want to work with people like you—a passionate entrepreneur who’s beyond to ready to share their brilliance with the world.  Yes, brilliance.  We all have some.  And I’m here to help you capture yours.